Puffy Fish with Mermaid


This is a re-interpretation of a drawing I did last week. I love her face and the puffer fish. This rendition was done using oil paint bar for the expressive outline over a watercolor ground…after that I used all kind of media! Colored pencil, acrylic and even some ink pen. I think that I will experiment with some different color variations with this design.

The first one that I did was framed and put up in my little beach house in Frisco, NC. She looks great in the beach house!

Fish Doodles


I have this very pretty tiny little frame–actually I have a couple of them! Tiny frames are wonderful, but I have had them for quite awhile now and haven’t put anything in them. So, maybe they would be perfectly filled with some fish doodles! These look big here, but they only measure 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″.

The puffy fish are super cute and fun to draw. I think I will do a bunch of these little guys!



I think the mermaid drawings started when I donated a little canvas to the “Tiny” show at the Indian Town Gallery in Frisco, NC. They provide a tiny blank canvas to artist’s that participate and we bring creations┬áback for the show. It’s a lot of fun, I am already thinking about what I am going to do for this year! Last year, at the last minute this is what I came up with. Super fun. My friend Mallory bought mine. So funny.


After that, I just kept working on them. They are a lot fun to do. I am working on a bunch of these with different fishes, some just on watercolor paper and some on panel with found objects and encaustic.